Pink Sister With My Friend To Give Thanks

My friend is here to visit; she has been here since Monday. And one of her plans to go since she came from one of the province here in Davao and so seldom when visiting in Davao, Pink Sister is always the place she want to visit. It was my first time to go there while driving my car, it is really hilly that I am not confident if I can make it but since I also wanted to go to give thanks to our Almighty, for all the blessings that she have done to us and for always protecting us. It was summer that I was really down and HE did not forsake me, instead HE gave me something, a work that I can get busy with.

Moreover and so I drove down there even it is so hilly, I just turned the aircon when I went up and I made it. Thank GOD, you see we just need to be gutsy for everything we want to do but thought can’t. Sometimes, our worries or fears can stop us to reach our dreams and goal.

I am not sure if you would believe me, but when I go to Pink Sister to ask something or to pray for something, it always come true. My friend also can prove that, she wished and prayed to work abroad and she did!

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