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40 Was Marked On The Road

I guess no one could ever say some excuse when they are halt because of over speeding because the 40 kph was marked already on the street. So To those who are planning to say “I didn’t know that the limit is like this and like that, you have to think of another excuse because obviously traffic enforcer will not believe in your alibi.

I am too, does not agree with the speed limit but oh well, it is for our own good so we have to abide the rules. Just step on break when you know you are already beyond the limit. Follow the rules then we don’t have problems, if you were able to run beyond the limit just tell it to them why you were in a hurry than to lie when you are already obviously not telling the truth.

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SPC Family Day Of 2014

It was dreading so hot when we arrived at Mj’s school during their Family Day but of course Faith and I went there because we have to see my eldest daughter performing with Drums and Bugle, she was the one playing the Melodica. The Family Day started with a mass, it was just perfect because we obviously could not attend the mass because we are there. San Pedro Colleges is a Catholic School so of course when every activity, they will start it with a mass. Here are some pictures that we took during

Before the games, the SPC invited a speaker for the parents, the topic was very informative, even we already had the longest experience of being a mother, still I was able to learn from the speaker.

 photo HPIM2604.jpg

The next activity, the officer lead some games, it includes the participation of the member of the family. I can’t join because no one would attend Faith. But Faith wanted to join the kids game yet since she is not from the school, they were not able to choose her in the last game.

 photo HPIM2639.jpg

They also have program after lunch and I was so amazed with the performance of this group. They were very cute but they have the audience applauded for them.

 photo HPIM2660.jpg

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My Oishi Went To Texas

My friend from Texas came here to visit, and she told me what are the things that I want to send to some of our friends in Texas, of course how can I forget our friend Cheryl. Last year, she shouted in her FB wall if somebody can send her Oishi spicy flavour. I was already tempted to send her through snail package but the fee it higher than of the cost of Oishi. So I waited this moment when someone could be my bridge to send out some goods in the US. And thank GOD our friend Claire just came here on time, Oishi would be my Christmas gift to Cheryl and a polo shirt to  my inaanak as well, it has been a while since I haven’t seen the son of Selina, and I was not able to send my gift to him. Through Claire I was able to do it, thank you Mareng. You are truly the Santa Clause to everyone! If there’s a traveling pants, I would call this one traveling goods.

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First Family Day Of Their School

This Sunday, my daughter’s school is having a Family Day, I wanted to passed that one out, I mean Sunday is only our day to just rest at home but because our daughter needs us to be there, we should be present on this day at school. This is the first Family Day that the school will be hosted. Well, they just started this school last two years; the Principal even told me that the batch of Mj is their first batch for Grade 7. My husband is not here so maybe I will just tag my youngest daughter with me, I am not sure if the two college girls will be attending with us. Aside from it is the first Family Day of the school and they need the parents to support this activity, Mj will also one of those who are going to perform, she will be handling the Melodica in Drum and Bugle. I am excited to see her performing with the Drum and Bugle groups.

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