The Main Road And The Air Balloon

It is our first New Year here and my kids were amazed of how noisy and how fun it was. We could see tricycles running back and forth the road. We can’t help to go out to watch and witness the fun, all our neighbors went out as well to celebrate.

 photo cats_zps185fa597.jpg

I tried to capture the running but I was not able to get a chance. They are always too far away from us and besides we were having fun as well when one car threw us some chocolates.

One of our neighbors, prepared this air balloon to let it fly in the sky. It was a bit far from us but I was hoping for it to at least to be clear.

 photo HPIM2217_zps5841b32a.jpg

Then after the lit up the candle or whatever it is inside that air balloon, they let it fly away. I and my kids were looking at it with glee. I wonder where did they buy that air balloon.

 photo HPIM2219_zps608816a9.jpg

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