Almost Drive For 3 Hours

Last week, our coach informed us that we will have our training in Tagum. It is a province here in Davao, 3 hours away from here. I was ready to go since the documents of the renewal of my car is already available and so I am confident to drive there but sad to say when I was about to start the car last Thursday the car just did not start. I messaged my friend right away that I may not go because I have to send the car to the shop.

Friday came, my mechanic went here to repair the car and he did it so fast but my daughter told me that she needs to go to school on Saturday to practice. She is a member of their school band and she is the one who did the Melodica. Hence I was not able to drive to Tagum, honestly I have mixed emotions of driving there if I have pushed through, then that would be my first time. Anyway, I know I can make it, I believe so I can make it I mean I hope so

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