Ready To Hit The Road At Night

It was not me who noticed it but a friend that one of the lights in front of my car is not working properly, the other one is so bright while the other is not. I actually have sent the car right away but I am using the car almost every day so I don’t have time to send it except today. Early in the morning I went to the store for car accessories and bought some bulbs, I sent the car right away on my way home and waited for like few minutes. The light inside the car has been fixed already, it used not to work, it only works when we open the door of the car but when we switch it on, and it doesn’t. After a few minutes the bulbs were already installed, my mechanic is really dependable and I am so happy to have known them for quite a while because I can just go there any time for my car. And now I am ready to hit the road at night because the front lights are all working.

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