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Mj will have another competition on March 1 but this time it is not in Tagum already it is one of exclusive subdivision here in Davao in a club house. On the other hand, let me show you some pictures in Tagum Sports complex, wherein the venue of the competition took place last year.

 photo HPIM1949_zps2a844d7f.jpg

This was taken when the competition was almost finished. The sky started to get dark that it will almost rain; we suspected this will be a heavy rain and we are not mistaken because after like few minutes it rains so hard. Good thing the competition was already finished when it started to rain; the staffs awarded the winners already. It is just seldom to happen for me to take a picture of this kind of cloud in an open field, it looks like the scenery was painted. Sigh I only have a digital camera, if it could be DSLR I am sure I will be able to capture a very nice view of the clouds.

 photo HPIM1962_zps4cda8895.jpg

The lights amazed me when it started to get dark, it has different colors that I tried to take a picture of it but those were the only lights I was able to capture with.

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