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My Dine At Yakimix Buffet Restaurant

Just last week my friend from the pool and I agreed to eat in a restaurant today. I thought we will not pursue it because my other friend could not go with us since her Mom and Dad have to go to province to attend some emergency. Bliss (my friend from the pool) and I decided to push through our plans, I haven’t tried this restaurant but I already heard some reviews about Yakimix. Aside from it is a buffet restaurant, they have the best dessert anyone should taste it.

I was almost driving like crazy because our plan is to be there at 12 noon yet I have to send my youngest daughter in the school. After I dropped off my daughter I headed to the restaurant right away. Yakimix is located in the 2nd floor in Abreeza Mall; it is in front of Speedo and just adjacent to the Planet Sports. I waited Bliss for a while since she have to dropped in BPI for a while, and while waiting I saw our coach passed by. When Bliss arrived, we also invited coach to have lunch with us. When we entered the restaurant, the staffs greeted us with a clap, (I just don’t understand what they were saying). Anyway, the place is so bright and very welcoming. I love the chandelier that they put above the buffet table. It is very attractive; I even stared at it for a while because it is really very relaxing to the eye.

 photo 20140218_140700_zps030b1ef4.jpg

I love the ambiance of Yakimix, because it makes me feel like I am welcomed anytime to eat here. The whole surrounding is so light that you can walk and be yourself when you have to get the foods in the table. So even though the place is classy, still the staff welcomed us very warmly.

 photo 20140218_130625_zpsb0a0289d.jpg

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