First Family Day Of Their School

This Sunday, my daughter’s school is having a Family Day, I wanted to passed that one out, I mean Sunday is only our day to just rest at home but because our daughter needs us to be there, we should be present on this day at school. This is the first Family Day that the school will be hosted. Well, they just started this school last two years; the Principal even told me that the batch of Mj is their first batch for Grade 7. My husband is not here so maybe I will just tag my youngest daughter with me, I am not sure if the two college girls will be attending with us. Aside from it is the first Family Day of the school and they need the parents to support this activity, Mj will also one of those who are going to perform, she will be handling the Melodica in Drum and Bugle. I am excited to see her performing with the Drum and Bugle groups.

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