My Oishi Went To Texas

My friend from Texas came here to visit, and she told me what are the things that I want to send to some of our friends in Texas, of course how can I forget our friend Cheryl. Last year, she shouted in her FB wall if somebody can send her Oishi spicy flavour. I was already tempted to send her through snail package but the fee it higher than of the cost of Oishi. So I waited this moment when someone could be my bridge to send out some goods in the US. And thank GOD our friend Claire just came here on time, Oishi would be my Christmas gift to Cheryl and a polo shirt to  my inaanak as well, it has been a while since I haven’t seen the son of Selina, and I was not able to send my gift to him. Through Claire I was able to do it, thank you Mareng. You are truly the Santa Clause to everyone! If there’s a traveling pants, I would call this one traveling goods.

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