SPC Family Day Of 2014

It was dreading so hot when we arrived at Mj’s school during their Family Day but of course Faith and I went there because we have to see my eldest daughter performing with Drums and Bugle, she was the one playing the Melodica. The Family Day started with a mass, it was just perfect because we obviously could not attend the mass because we are there. San Pedro Colleges is a Catholic School so of course when every activity, they will start it with a mass. Here are some pictures that we took during

Before the games, the SPC invited a speaker for the parents, the topic was very informative, even we already had the longest experience of being a mother, still I was able to learn from the speaker.

 photo HPIM2604.jpg

The next activity, the officer lead some games, it includes the participation of the member of the family. I can’t join because no one would attend Faith. But Faith wanted to join the kids game yet since she is not from the school, they were not able to choose her in the last game.

 photo HPIM2639.jpg

They also have program after lunch and I was so amazed with the performance of this group. They were very cute but they have the audience applauded for them.

 photo HPIM2660.jpg

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