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Plunging In The Water This Summer

Just before we went to the pool today, my friend messaged me to bring swim wear because we are going to swim in the pool, or maybe plunging in the pool. Yeah it has been a while since I didn’t plunged in the water, I just get so tired watching the water while Mj is on training. But since it is summer, I gave way, I mean summer is about water, vacation, getaway, beaches right? So I might as well enjoy being the member in the clubhouse, yes I am free to use the pool just like Faith. The most looking forward part for this plunging is to really know how to swim and to get slim. Too bad our coach is so busy this Summer for their Palaro competition. However, this Saturday he will be hear and I was thinking to start the lesson, anyway I am not sure. For now I am enjoying plunging in the pool with friends.

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The Second Oldest Hotel In The Country

I was browsing in FB when I spotted at the picture that one of my contacts shared. It is the Apo View Hotel in the year 1954; I called my niece and daughter and let them look at the picture. And they were so amazed, the hotel was so simple and they could not even identify the street. I guess it is in the same street but it was just widened now. Apo View hotel was said to be the second oldest hotel in the Philippines. Apo View hotel was built in the year of 1948. And in a week they will be celebrating their 66th year.

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Encountered an Accident in the Road

Last Saturday on my way home to fetch Faith in the house, a 6 wheeler truck just hit me. It was so traffic that time and in my side mirror I already saw him so close to my side so I stopped for him to get on the other side but to my surprise he really went on straight and he hit my side! I tried to honk him but he still went on so he hit all over my side, the police came and checked accident, I didn’t go out yet until the police done with his sketch. He informed me right away that it was the fault of the truck. The police was already the one who drive the car to the side and they signaled the driver to put the truck on the side as well.

I was so shocked, I texted my friends right away, and immediately Bliss and Jn arrived to rescue me. Bliss let me borrowed her tools and Jn and his friend was the one who replace the tired because it was totally damaged. When I saw the car outside and I checked on the side, my gosh it really has a big scratch.

 photo 20140322_172039.jpg

The tire had a big hole

 photo 20140322_172031.jpg

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Because Of The Lightning

We didn’t have a car because it is in the shop so after we went to the mall to grocery shop. I told Mj to prepare her things so we can go out in the house a little bit early. Their training usually starts at 7 in the evening so since we don’t have a car we need to go out in the house at 5:30 in the afternoon. We took 3 rides for the Jeepney and 1 ride for the taxi going to Ladislawa, where their training is held. When their coach arrived, he told the kids to warm up but the staff in the pool said they can’t swim because of the lightning. Yes, there is no rain, not even a drop but we can’t still swim because of the lightning. The kids were happy when it stopped for a little while but after they do some exercise to get ready to the pool, the lightning keeps on striking again. We waited for another hour but nothing happens, so we went home without them swimming. Good thing I did not bring Faith with us.

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