Another Plane Movie

I know it sounds funny but every time I board on the plane, I imagine things like that is not good. Oh well, blame it to those plane movies I saw. Do you remember the snakes on a plane, varieties of snakes were board on the plane unnoticed because the culprit wanted to sabotage the witness who was under protection by FBI and agents?  They want to kill the witness to cover up a big syndicate. There is also a plane movie that a kid was lost and the staffs told the mother she did not bring any kid with her when she boarded the plane and she accused of having a health condition and telling her that she is just imagining of her daughter was with her while in fact the daughter was kidnapped inside the plane. And now, which I really want to watch because it is Liam Nesson, it’s about a Marshall who traveled every now and then. Later he receive a message to his private network and said they would kill each one in the plane every 20 seconds, later he was accused of killing them because the money was directed to his account.

So even though this makes me scared every time I board on the plane, I still watched them why? Because it made me think that in every situation, I am sure there’s a hero who is willing to do everything to make you safe. Accident would come in a split of seconds be it in a plane, a bus, or in a train, the most powerful hero that you can always depend on when you are in transit and you are scared is the power of prayers. Call his name and He will absolutely make you even safer.

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