Bermuda Triangle And Its Mystery

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When I heard about the flight MH37o that has gone missing for 5 days now without a trace, yes without a trace because until now they can’t find any falling debris that could relate to MH370, that rectangular object that they found is not MH370 and the oil spill is also not from the airline, I could not help but to think of the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle is the vertices of Miami Florida, Puerto Rico and the mid-Atlantic Island of Bermuda Island. It is the undefined region of the North Atlantic Ocean where many of planes and ships were gone missing without a trace. The ship Cyclops that was vanished has 300 plus people inside and it was vanished without any trace, the people were also nowhere to be found. The famous one is the Flight 19, one was able to radio the base and said they don’t know where they are and the sun is going down after that, they could not trace him anymore. The signal was lost and they were not able to find them at all. The Worldwide fund for nature was able to identify 10 places that are not safe for shipping but Bermuda Triangle is excluded in the list. When the Flight 19 was lost the last word of the captain who was able to radio the station is “We are entering white water, we don’t know where we are, the water is green no white” Author Allan W. Eckert wrote that the Navy board flew off to mars. Here is the Documentary of Bermuda Triangle that I watched two days ago:


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8 Responses to “Bermuda Triangle And Its Mystery”

  1. Debarpan says:

    I read several posts and watch several documentary about bermuda triangle but none can clarify what is fishy around that place,a place with full of mystery. :/

  2. joy says:

    the bermuda triangle mystery has not been solved for so many years that until now it remains a big question mark, what is beyond,or below bermuda triangle is still beyond human knowledge

  3. Janine says:

    I’ve listened to a radio and there are some hilarious comments that popped that goes like this, “Because of the global warming, Bermuda Triangle was relocated.” Seriously though, I hope the question from this case will have its pellucid answer.

  4. Franc Ramon says:

    Your post made me think too on the possibility of the Bermuda Triangle related to the missing plane.

  5. Yes the mystery of the Triangle, is it possible that there’s like a Bermuda along the West Philippine Sea or in the vicinity of South East Asia?

  6. Roch says:

    The Bermuda Triangle has always been interesting to me. I have watched countless of videos and read many articles about it.

  7. Kath Rivera says:

    Thanks for this post, made me think about the missing Malaysian Plane too. Whatever happened to them, I hope God will guide them and help the rescuers see the plain. Bermuda triangle will remain a mystery and it’s only nature who knows the true story.

  8. Mommy Peach says:

    The Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery. Stories about it really scare me.

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