Araw Ng Davao Is Approaching And I Am Preoccupied

This is the exam week of both of my kids. And today is the last day I thought I can rest but the school of Faith will still have school tomorrow for a picture taking for their memorabilia. I am looking forward for a long-weekend but I guess it could not happen oh well it is still long weekend because on Monday officially it is Non-Working Holiday for Davao. Yes Araw ng Davao is fast approaching but I guess I can’t go out this Saturday or Sunday because I am on a tight budget. Plus, I have so many things in my mind that sometimes I forgot I am driving. Imagine the red color from the traffic light looks like green to me and I went up to the middle of the crossing line, some jeepneys almost hit me. Good thing I was able to notice the traffic light but I was already ran passed the line, if there’s a policeman at that time, I am sure I will get a ticket. Yeah, I was saved because there is no policeman around but I am not sure with CCTV on the traffic light.

Araw ng Davao is fast approaching, it is good to go to some malls because of the mall-wide sale but I guess I can’t do it for now. I may just stay in the house for the weekend or if I go out, I might just send Mj to the pool. I am so preoccupied nowadays; there is another incident yesterday that I almost ask for a locksmith around just to open my car. Yes, I left the key inside the car on our way to pay our Sky Cable bill and guess what the engine was still on. I just noticed that it was on because when I took Faith out in the car, the car was shaking. I called Mj to get the spare key in the house but I already asked somebody in Sky Cable if they have any big keys, I suspected any key can open the door in the drive seat. And I was right; the car opens without any effort. Geez, I might replace the lock one of these days.

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