Festival In Downtown

It is Araw ng Davao today however here I am at home doing my task online. I am sure by this time the parade has already been finished. Geez I can’t believe I miss the beauty in downtown area today, not only that I skipped listening to some music around, I missed the drum beat, the xylophones and especially some trumpets that is good to hear. Mj did not join the parade, thank GOD at least it save me from the dreading heat of the sun but how I wished I was able to attend and watch the parade. Oh no, Mj does not play the trumpet, if she did I might buy her the most upgraded digitally made trumpet, yes I will not hesitate to buy trumpet mute for her. I swear whatever she would ask me as long as it is good for her. I would support her. In fact, I was ready to run back and forth in the parade if their school represent them in the parade. So boring her, oh well I choose to just stay inside the house today but later I will go to church to attend mass.

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