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Davao City is getting so tight, especially in Ulas it is a bottled neck, when its peak season, everything is not moving at all. Even though every now and then there is a wide road construction, it can’t still avoid the fact that vehicles, cars, public utilities are coming in and I guess it is added each day, the road could not accommodate of them all because of the development of the city.

Who loves the heavy traffic? None of us of course, which is why I am thankful that the next school year Faith schedule is still in the afternoon and Mj’s school is just nearby, far enough from the core of the heavy traffic. I guess this will be resolve in the next few years, because a Japan based government agency offered to help the Local Government for putting up a public transit tunnel. The train will be constructing in a remote place from urban areas. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and his team will also visit Japan to observe how this public transit works in a tunnel, the technicalities and its functions. The technical from Japan would also be here on May.

I heard this few years back and I hope this will be realized sooner before the whole city would experience heavy traffic as there are sometimes  even Diversion Road can experience heavy traffic.

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