Because Of The Lightning

We didn’t have a car because it is in the shop so after we went to the mall to grocery shop. I told Mj to prepare her things so we can go out in the house a little bit early. Their training usually starts at 7 in the evening so since we don’t have a car we need to go out in the house at 5:30 in the afternoon. We took 3 rides for the Jeepney and 1 ride for the taxi going to Ladislawa, where their training is held. When their coach arrived, he told the kids to warm up but the staff in the pool said they can’t swim because of the lightning. Yes, there is no rain, not even a drop but we can’t still swim because of the lightning. The kids were happy when it stopped for a little while but after they do some exercise to get ready to the pool, the lightning keeps on striking again. We waited for another hour but nothing happens, so we went home without them swimming. Good thing I did not bring Faith with us.

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