Plunging In The Water This Summer

Just before we went to the pool today, my friend messaged me to bring swim wear because we are going to swim in the pool, or maybe plunging in the pool. Yeah it has been a while since I didn’t plunged in the water, I just get so tired watching the water while Mj is on training. But since it is summer, I gave way, I mean summer is about water, vacation, getaway, beaches right? So I might as well enjoy being the member in the clubhouse, yes I am free to use the pool just like Faith. The most looking forward part for this plunging is to really know how to swim and to get slim. Too bad our coach is so busy this Summer for their Palaro competition. However, this Saturday he will be hear and I was thinking to start the lesson, anyway I am not sure. For now I am enjoying plunging in the pool with friends.

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