Fire Prevention Especially During Summer

It is summer finally; well it is so obvious because the heat of the sun is so draining! It is really best to just plunge in the water because it so muddy and hot. Last month is the Fire month in the Philippines because summer is obviously fast approaching and it is dreading so hot in here. It’s April but I guess we have to continue being aware or at least know some preventive tips to avoid Fire.

Before summer or at least you must do it annually, check your home the wiring, have someone to check your aircon or plumbing.

As I said a while ago check your home electrical system. Your appliance must thoroughly check too especially if you find some faulty lines. Make sure that there are not short circuits upon the wiring. Look closely especially there is intermittent power surges.

The LPG must be check too; you have to make sure that is closely tight.

When you sleep at night ensure your safety by unplugging your cable wires in the main source. Turn it off the appliances properly.

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