The Fire Lasted For Four House, Be Safe Everyone!

Yes I just posted here some fire prevention tips last week and just last Friday there was a big fire happened in downtown. It started around 10 in the evening and was put off around 2 in the morning. I saw the pictures that my friend was posted in FB and it was really scary, the whole area was like a hell! The news said the cause of the fire was because of unattended candle. The area, the road is so tight that is why the firemen have difficulty to get inside the area. The houses were made of wood too so the reason why the fire easily spread. The fire was in Isla Verde Boulevard, there were many residences that were affected by the fire as of now they evacuated in a school and I saw some lives in the Basketball court already when I passed the area today.

They said that is better to get robbed than to see your house in fire, because everything will be burned away. But I hope both will not happy to us this summer. So this summer keep everything safe! Have a great summer everyone!

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