Visita Iglesia

Last Wednesday, my friends and I in the pool agreed to take a vacation in the resort of our other friend. I messaged my husband right away that we will be away for 3 days. The resort does not have electricity, and no network service so there is no way we can call him or he can call us. On our way to the resort, we agreed to visit 7 churches. So from Panabo we visited like 4 churches, I told my daughter for her to wish since it was her first time to visit churches that she has never been before, I did the same thing too, wish. We also visited 3 churches in Tagum.  It was dreading so hot, but I can see everyone is having fun, too bad I was not able to buy a novena prayer instead I just whispered the Our Father and Hail Mary’s I could not even concentrate because Faith wanted to roam around the place. Even it is so hot, we were able to enjoy the road trip. We started traveling at 7: 30 in the morning and we arrived in our destination about 4:30 in the afternoon.

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