Inside The Garbage Bag

When we went for a vacation last month, the boat that we were riding for us to get to the resort sunk. There is one thing I learned from that accident whenever you will ride a boat, you should bring a garbage bag so you can put all your gadgets there, I tell you if the garbage will soaked in the water, the gadget inside the garbage bag remains dry. I even searched it here and yes it is guaranteed that your gadgets will not get wet at all. But even with that little accident, it did not stop us to enjoy the vacation. The beach is still a virgin, the water is very clean and clear. My eldest had so much fun with Kayaking and swimming and even snorkeling, my youngest daughter enjoyed the water also, imagine from morning until sunsets, we were in the water. Haha! Good luck with our sun born, which until now we still have it.

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