Isla Reta Not Good

My friend and I were invited for a summer getaway on the beach yesterday. The host choose the Isla Reta for a venue; they were able to get the schedule in the Ferry boat.  They even specified that we should be there early so they can accommodate us for the first trip. They said that the Ferry boat will leave at 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. We arrived there at 7:00 a.m. they were right the boat is there already so early. So we boarded already, the boat was already full but it stayed for another hour, they said they need to wait for the coast guard, it was okay for us then, we didn’t complain even though we arrived in Isla Reta for a bit late already.

The moment we arrived at the beach resort, the kids plunged in the water right away. I feed Faith first since we didn’t take our breakfast when we left home that morning. Faith finish her lunch so fast since she is very excited to plunge in the water as well, after a while I joined Faith because she keeps on running away and I am afraid she will go too far. At 2 in the afternoon, I and Faith took a shower as one of the staffs said that the last trip is at 3:00 p.m. when we were done I wonder why my friends are not yet ready, they informed me then that the last trip is until 4:30 p.m.

Mj and her friends just got ready at 4 p.m. they finished the shower before 4:30 and yet the Ferry Boat that will fetch us is not yet there. We waited until 5 in the afternoon finally it arrived, so they let us inside the Ferryboat, another 30 minutes was wasted because they have let us wait again. After a while, the coast guard stood in the middle of the boat and said that we can’t sail anymore because it is already dangerous. We were so disappointed!

We were disappointed because they let us wait; there is no exact explanation as to why the boat was late and why they can’t let us sail. They just told us there is a bus waiting for us; they will take us to where the Barge is waiting. We understand that they are looking after our safety however what we didn’t like was they let us wait for freaking 3 hours and they just informed us suddenly that we can’t board anymore. Where is the freaking customer service here? The Japanese who was also with us was right; never shall we go back there, as they just received our money without giving us the proper service. They don’t inform their guests at all and they all left us without the proper information. 3 hours of waiting is not fun for Christsake!

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