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Fear Of Sailing

I can already prove that I am afraid of water and I am afraid of sailing because until now I don’t like to board in a boat especially those that are small. Last April, I tried to be calmed in the boat that we were sailing but it turn almost upside down, good thing no one was really harmed oh well only our gadgets. On our way home, we don’t have any other options but still to sail in the small boat, the first boat has an engine; they connected a rope to the other boat and to the other one as well. Faith, our Coach and I and the relatives of the host were in the 2nd boat, the 3rd boat was full with our bags and luggage. You may believe it or not but during the whole sailing; I was just whispering a prayer while Faith was always talking. I am so nervous; I feel like my heart will just burst out from my chest any minute, it thumps so hard.

Last Sunday, I was relieved that the boat that we are going to sail is the biggest one; the boat can load up to 117 people. But even though the captain said it is safe and there’s a coast guard inside, I can’t help to think of those unexpected tragedy to happen. My fear got even worse when on our way home, they have to wait for another 30 minutes inside the boat and it is getting dark. I even started to count the life vests that are above us, I was checking if we can all use it in times of needing it. However even we are very disappointed with the delay, we are still thankful that we are all safe even if we waited for the bus for another hour. My recommendation with this resort do not visit here, if you really want to have a summer getaway with Isla Reta make sure to ride in the boat at 2 in the afternoon or 3 in the afternoon. Do not trust with their words that they will accommodate you all the way.

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