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Road Trip In Alaska

On 15th, I will be driving to the province for Mj’s training in 50 meter pool with her swim teammates. It will be the first time to drive there; I hope I can make it without being lost. Yes, I sometimes love to drive in not so familiar with roads, if only I have sense of direction maybe I have gone to places already but I am always afraid. How I wish to drive in the most beautiful roads in the world most probably in Alaska’s Seward Highway, it is wildly known of its natural beauty. Driving in Alaska Seward Highway you will see moose feeding themselves on the side of the road, you can also see eagles soaring high, and of course amazing mountains view when you are enjoying the road trip. LOL how I wish to drive in a ravishing road that even it is tiring to drive you can enjoy it because of the views that you will when driving

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