Exploring Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is a prime vacation destination on the Mediterranean.  My interest in Barcelona actually started when I was listening to a song by The Alan Parson’s project which mentioned the “Sagrada Familia” a church designed by Antoni Gaudi. This really got me to want to explore Barcelona to see what other kinds of architecture and sightseeing venues are there

Seeing Barcelona on a Vespa seems like a great idea.  If you go Vesping around Barcelona, I am sure the Sagrada Familia is on place you will see.  It is kind of hard to miss.  I like to do things on my own so a tour using GPS sounds great.  Vesping.com/gps-guided tour, will ensure do not miss any of the sites in and around Barcelona.

My husband prefers guided tours.  He feels that having an expert guide, who knows Barcelona, would make sure we not only see the sites, but get the insight of the tour guide and the history behind history of what we are seeing.  A vesping.com/guided-tour would be ideal for him.

I would certainly like to learn more about the Sagrada Familia and Antoni Gaudi and visiting Barcelona would really make our daughters happy because the love beaches and the water.

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