The Car Was Broke And Yet I Have To Drive For Longer Hours

Last Friday, after I sent Faith to the school, I noticed that I don’t have breaks at all; I have to pump the brake pads so many times before I could break. I was worried because I need to drive to a nearby province for the competition of my daughter and I need the car. Last Saturday, early in the morning I sent the car to the shop to have it check. When the mechanic checks the break, he informed me then that I don’t have break at all. He checked the rubber caps and the Master Cap Kit near the brake fluid; it was almost 8 am when he finished uninstalled both. I have to bring it to the Auto Car Parts as a sample so I can buy the right one. The rubber cap was so easy because the shop near us, they have the parts available but the Master Cap Kit I need to go further and hop to three different shops so I can have it. Yes, the Master Cap Kit is not that easy to find.

I went home right away brought with me the Master Cap Kit; I was hoping I can get the car early in the afternoon. I already sent my daughter to my friend so she will be the one to drive for her and her kids. Mj will be late if I have to keep her with me. The car was sent back to my house before 1 in the afternoon but when the son of the mechanic test in the curving line, the break was gone again. He sent it back to the shop so his father would test and check it.

Later, when I went to the shop, the mechanic said they need to check more, they found out that a bearing on my right side was broke. And I need to buy a bearing; good thing I only have to get one ride for me to buy that car part, one stop and the part is on my hand already. I went back to the shop, Faith is with me this time, my head started to ache because of the humid weather.

It was already near 5 in the afternoon when it was fixed, the mechanic was the one who sent it, it was quarter of 5 that I have to drive going to Tagum. It was 2 hours of drive from Davao City to Tagum and it was getting dark. Faith was behind me and nobody is with her, I just told her to behave because when we arrived in Panabo it was already almost dark. Panabo City is the town after Davao City then Carmen and then Tagum. It was past 7:00 p.m. when we arrived in Tagum, I have to stop in the gasoline station to ask the location of the sports complex. I don’t want to be lost, not this time when I only have enough fuel plus Faith was with me.

I was just able to breathe when I already entered the gate of the Sports Complex in Tagum, just then I could say Faith and I had a safe trip. Now I could tell it to myself I am an official driver now!

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