The Latest Pool That We Are In

We had been to lots of swimming pool because of my eldest daughter. And since the previous pool is on renovation, we transferred for the meantime; our coach brought us in Lin Mar. The membership is very affordable; it is only 1,200 pesos for 6 months while the other pool is we have to pay 1,000 pesos monthly. Lin Mar is also near downtown area the other pool is not. We were so many in Lin Mar, the college swimmers of our coach were combined with our swimmers so Mj and her friends do not find to swim boring. But with this there are lots of things that this venue is way behind with the previous pool:

1. It is dark but good thing some lights were on when we are there, so it is not that dark anymore but it is still dark. LOL you know what I mean.

2. The wall of the pool has many pools, the first time when Mj swim there was she had an ear infection, and sometimes eyes, wahhh

3. When I am driving going there, it consumed more fuel because of the traffic and so we have to detour but it is so far.

Nevertheless, we will not gonna stay there for long. Yes, I can save lots of money specially that I am on a tight budget now, I am thankful that we were able to swim in this pool however I guess it is our children’s health must be prioritize. On September when the Ladislawa pool is done we are going to swim there again.

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The Kiddie Pool Area

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Lin Mar Unit Apartelle

Yes, Lin Mar is an Apartelle, they have affordable units that you can rent, if you are in the city and you are in a budget you can try this one.

See how dark the place is, the kids would always say a shadow would always follow them when they swim. Their coach always told them that it is just a shadow from the leaves but you know how imaginative the kids can be.

Mj and her team mate after the drill.

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