A Place To Stay While Waiting For My Youngest

So we can’t stay in the school of Faith to pass the time, parents who are sending their kids to school cannot do anything but to go somewhere to wait for their kids. Good thing I am already a member in Global Pinoy where I could sit down in their very comfortable couch or stay without limits. Hence, after I will send my youngest daughter to her school, I would drive to the mall and go to Global Pinoy to continue my work online or watch my favorite Korean Drama (Geez, this reminds me of buying an earphone). The mall is also just near at school, so since I don’t have budget to spend, I would rather be staying in Global Pinoy to drink a free cup of coffee or Ice tea than going somewhere. My friends in school teased me that I look like I am working there already because of the perfect attendance. Plus, I am also brings my laptop to do blog hopping.

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