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So Expensive Cities

It is very practical to live in an affordable city or town. But maybe it is somewhat fulfilling to live in a city that is expensive, I mean there is nothing wrong with living in a very expensive city as long as you can afford it. But for me if you want to live within your means choose a city that is liveable and that is the reason why I love Davao City. Here is the top 10 expensive City in the whole world.

The Shanghai China was able to be on the rank 10th this year as the most expensive city. It is due to the strengthening of Yuan.

The Eastern European Moscow, Russia remains expensive despite the dropping of cost last year. Moscow was on the 2nd rank last year.

At The Bern, Switzerland what made it to the 8th rank is the Swiss Franc.

The 7th rank expensive city is Tokyo, Japan but it was one of the top last year however the weaker currency made it to 7th rank.

Geneva, Switzerland made it to 6th rank this year.

Zurich, Switzerland is on the top 5.

Singapore, Singapore made it to 4th rank this year from being on the 5th rank. It is closer now to the top.

Hongkong, Hongkong move up to the 3rd spot.

The 2nd rank is N’djamena, Chad, living there is challenging and because of it, it made it quiet costly.

And the most expensive city is in Luanda Skyline, Africa, it is not associated with wealthy place however they are quiet expensive for emigrant due to imported goods come at a premium.

 Source: Yahoo

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