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Top 5 Safest Airline

Want to know the top 5 safest airline?

Oh well, after the Malaysian Airline has been vanished few months ago, there are at least few of us are scared to fly anymore I am not saying that Malaysian Airline has never been safer, it is just maybe there are things that are hard to explain. Condolence to those who losses their love ones. I hope and pray that there are no planes would crashed or vanished next time. But we can never tell. On the other hand here are the top 5 safest airline.

Hello Kitty Airbus, Eva Air, a Taiwanese airline is the top 5

The 4th safest airline is the Emirates of United Arab Emirates

The 3rd one is the Finnair in Heisinki. The passenger would be amused also with their flight attendant safety dance.

Cathay Pacific of Hongkon still kicked to 2nd best

And the TOP 1 is the Air New Zealand, so if you want to visit Auckland, nothing to worry with Air New Zealand.

Happy Flying!

Source: Yahoo Travel

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