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What To Do In Dapitan?

This is a very historical place so when you are there, you should not waste your time doing nothing, you are obviously just throwing your money when you won’t enjoy the scenery of the place. Thus, when you are planning to be there or a vacation in this breathtaking place, you better have a list of what to do to really enjoy of what this place can offer:

1. You can visit the St. James Church to get a map of Mindanao; this map is done by Rizal himself to teach his students about geography and history.

2. Feel the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines by taking a chance to step on the old and new municipal buildings as they were able to preserve the antique look of the buildings.

3. Walk freely to Ilihan Hill where you can see view of the whole city.

4. Don’t miss to visit the Gloria de Dapitan where you can play at the most beautiful and magical amusement park in the whole Mindanao. Why don’t you experience the thrill rides that this amusement park can offer I believe they have the most thrilling rides ever.  And uh, don’t forget to shop too.

5. I am sure you will be bloated when you dine at the Sunset Boulevard, with the very spectacular view you will see while dining. I am sure you will be inspired to eat lots of different sea foods.

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