Driving In The Nearby Province

Yesterday was my third time to drive in Tagum with my daughter’s teammates and his parents as well. I went out a little late this time, oh well I cooked hot dogs for Mj to eat while we are on travel. She has not been eaten last training and it made her so weak. She doesn’t also like to drink water even Gatorade. I slept too late the other night, so I felt a little groggy when I started driving at dawn. Anyway after the training, my friend invited us for lunch to their friend’s house. I am thankful because I didn’t have to spend money for lunch anymore, we had a free lunch. The host served lots of foods, and fruits. She also toured us around her house and her store. The driving was not easy at all when we were on our way home because I am so full and it made me so sleepy. That’s when I got home I slept up to 6 in the evening.

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