Trapeze The Newest Flying High Ride

I don’t like zipline; the first time I experience is so scary. I mean there is nothing happen it is just I am afraid of heights. The only reason why I have no choice but to try it is that my friend wanted to experience it. She was the first one to ride in the zipline, and I wanted to take aback but the staff said I can’t since there is no service available for me anymore that would take me in the base. I need to ride the zip line, they convince me that I will have to sit down and then just check and try for it for a second and if I feel like alright with it. Then they will push it. But they did not follow what they said, instead the moment I sat on the zip line they just push me without any word. So the whole time, I was just closing my eyes. And I said to myself I will never do it again.

Oh well, I guess the zip line will be behind now because there is a new ride that would thrill you more. It is called Trapeze, the trainer will teach you how to hold the bar properly, execute well and somersault and landed in the safety net. It is scary at first but when you let go you can feel the excitement and adrenalin rush. It is really such an adventure to our young professionals but for me I guess I have to pass. I just can’t do it.

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