Swimming Competition In Kadayawan

This week is the exam week of my daughter and so we were not able to go to the pool today so she can concentrate yet on her exam. After this week, she will focus on her training again for Kadayawan. The Kadayawan competition will be the qualifying for Batang Pinoy, it will be held in Ateneo Elementary School pool. Kadayawan is fast approaching and so as their competition, I just hope that she would break her time and would qualify for Batang Pinoy. She has been aiming this even before the year starts. Anyway I will just here willing to support. I am sure most of you is now preparing for Kadayawan parade but not for me I guess, I need to be working at that time. Yes for a day I will be a proctor for Teachers Board Exam and on Wednesday we will have our orientation. On the other hand, let me just say best of luck to all who would join the teachers board exam on Sunday.

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