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Hotel Jobs That You May Find Crazy

Oh well, nowadays whatever work that is offer to you as long as it is not illegal, you would grab it do you? With this job that some hotels will offer to you, I guess you would think it is insane but who are you to complain when you think the compensation is great. But if the compensation is not enough then don’t grab it because to be successful is you must love your work first and everything will follow. Who knows you will be the manager someday after that crazy position you have in that hotel. Anyway here are some craziest hotel jobs I found in Yahoo.

Pigeon Removalist – Of course if there were too many pigeons in a hotel one should maintain of removing them or else it will be somewhat irritated for some guests. In Rambagh Palace in Jaipur India, pigeons are not welcome so they hired two men to shoot pigeons. Poor pigeons!

Human Bed Warmer- Hmmm this sounds weird who would have thought a hotel would hire a human bed warmer this is something that kids are not allowed maybe? At Holiday Inn Kensington Forum in London, you may want to forget hot shower at all as there is human in your room ready to keep you warm.

Coconut Security Officer- Coconuts can be very dangerous to the guests so some hotels would hire somebody to climb up to coconut trees to remove coconuts in the trees. I wonder how much they are paid for to climb as high as coconut trees to get rid of those coconuts. It is like hitting one area with two purposes of course the safety of the guests is there and to make coconuts a recipe for their menu. Some hotels in the tropics hire them.

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