Pagadian Here She Comes

Mj received a news today, she is qualified for Batang Pinoy, at first I thought it will be held in Zamboanga, but there’s a change of venue and that is in Pagadian. We don’t have budget so I told her she might go alone with the DepEd officials. But when we went to Sport Division yesterday, we were informed that the Batang Pinoy will be on the second week of September and that is the schedule for DACS. I didn’t submit the requirements instead I wrote a letter today to withdraw her from the said competition. Later this afternoon, I went to Sports Division again but I was able to see Beth, who’s daughter is the same school with Mj. She said she will submit a letter to DACS requesting to move the DACS schedule. Tonight, we were informed that finally the DACS was postponed and so Mj with the swimming delegations will be going to Pagadian next month. Mj is so excited to see what Pagadian’s looks like, while I am worried of her safety there. I am having doubts whether to go to Pagadian or just endorsed Mj to other parents. I will have to think about that.

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