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Thumbs UP

Whenever the kids were done with their event, we will always go to the mall to unwind and when we were roaming around the mall. I saw this, in the picture below.

 photo IMG_0013_zpse9d7b0a5.jpg

We were laughing so hard, I know what’s my friends were thinking but ooppss you are wrong, you might want to check the last picture.

 photo IMG_0014_zps57c5ddbe.jpg

Yes, it is the thumbs up ice cream displayed in the mall. LOL

 photo IMG_0012_zps7bdb9573.jpg

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Car Parts Malfunction

I prepared my car last Saturday, I bought engine oil, a brake fluid and I even have the car window checked if it works. But when we were on our way home, all so sudden my break didn’t function except if I would only drive straight. I drove so slowly right away when I found out I lose break at times. I sent the car right away to the shop.

So yesterday when we went to Tagum for Mj’s training, I just asked my friend if we could ride in her car. She messaged me back and said yes. Early in the morning, we hailed a tricycle for us to take to the Jeepney stop for us to go to where I and my friend would meet. It is just so disappointing because you have your car ready but you can’t still use it because of some parts that are malfunction.


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Best Gym In The World

Oh well, when you don’t have anywhere to go but in your hotel where you stay and yet you want to sweat your toxins out why not try going to the hotel gym. As long as I could remember I guess hotels here don’t offer gyms, if there is most probably it is also a five star hotel. If they have it will not be as extravagant as Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa. Houstonian Hotel Club and Spa is already known as one of the best hotel but with their gym and spa, you could really say everything is bigger in Texas. The size of the gym is 175,000 square foot space; the gym has 300 cardio and weight machines with latest brands like Cybex and Technogym. They have indoor running tracks, extensive outdoor grounds, tennis court and many more. Anyone who would stay in the hotel will not only enjoy the comfort of their rooms but also will enjoy being fit.

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Fiesta Celebrated In My Sister’s House

And so this is our second Fiesta in our village, and yet I did not prepare foods but my sister Irenie invited us for dinner in their house. Her husband cooked some dinner for all of us. And to add the celebration, we brought our Karaoke in their house so to add up some noise, I mean the celebration.

 photo 10702004_10201807750795016_5543164111374572990_n_zpsd13924de.jpg

Us during dinner, my sister said that even just a simple preparations, simple foods in the table it is already serve as saying thank you for HIM for all the blessing HE gave us. I stopped for a moment, my sister is right, maybe next time I will.

 photo cats_zps31ef414e.jpg

After we enjoyed our dinner, my eldest daughter turned the Mega Pro right away so we can all sing. We celebrated the Fiesta until it was 11:30 in the evening.

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