Cheap Beach Resort Near Manila

We don’t have to go to the beach during summer only we can go anytime as long as we like it and when the weather is just dreading so hot. But sometimes, sudden plan for beach getaway could be draining especially to the pocket. Oh well, you have to start smiling now because there are beaches near manila that is not expensive at all.

Cagbalete Island in Quezon – It is famous with low tide fantastic view, the sands are all purely white with corals and rocks. The blue water colliding with desert-like can make your jaw dropped and would lie down in the sand forever.

Nagsasa Cove, in Zambales – Enjoy the gray shore with the extreme border of Agoho Trees. You must be overwhelmed with the beauty of the cove and the breeze of the air that you could feel up to your bones. Boats to Nagsasa will cost you about P1, 000 to P1, 500 so book now!

Burot Beach in Batangas – This is actually best for family outing, the crystal clear that you could experience at the beach could be once in a lifetime if you won’t go there. I tell you, this is all worth for your bucket list. The entrance fee is just 300 pesos and that’s it no need to hire a boat to get there.

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