The Views That Gives You Peace

 It was at dawn, at 2 in the morning, the delegates should be at Almendras already for their departure to Pagadian. I decided already to go with Mj, I just could not entrust her to anyone even one friend offered me that she can take good care of her. It is not that I don’t trust my friend but maybe being a mother, I just could not be at ease when I know one of my daughters is too far away. So even I have to leave Faith for their foundation week at school, and that I have to entrust her with my sister, going with Mj in her competition could make my mind at ease. Mariel is also with Faith at night in the house and she will just send Faith to my sister’s house in the morning.

One of my friends said that we could ride in the same bus with the delegates as long as it is not yet full. We knew it has many vacant because some of the swimmers took plane already and some were traveling with their parents using their own cars. There were 6 parents who were able to ride in the bus for free. Thank GOD at least our fare was free!

I was not able to sit near the window, Mj sat there already and she doesn’t like to switch in my side. These pictures were taken when we were on our way to the Sports Complex of Pagadian; these pictures were taken by one of the parents who had a DSLR. I know I should be the one taking pictures with my own camera, but I was disoriented whenever I traveled. I just could not take pictures besides my camera is just the point and shoot type. Geez I miss my old Digicam, the one that has good pixels and great zoom.

 photo 10659273_10203865132161507_3434750937370285696_n_zps5da98a3a.jpg

This picture is very cool, you will not mind traveling for nearly 15 hours when the view is fantastic as this.

 photo 10696200_10203865142601768_624829181360479411_n_zps7490cbfb.jpg

Who would have thought that this is only in the province, seeing this picture looks like it was taking abroad. On the other thought, I am sure many would agree with me that great views, perfect shape of mountains, fogs that are very overwhelming could only found in the Philippines!

 photo 10702075_10203865133561542_6574441678116764705_n_zps49a428b6.jpg

So green! I hope no storms or floods would come before they will be harvest.

 photo 10672343_10203865144481815_1308034435015621401_n_zpsc5fc4b66.jpg

Just looks like painting! If you are here, your problems will go away and your mind will be relax.

I have to thank who posted this pictures in FB, the parent Omar thank you for sharing your pictures. They are all great!

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