So Foggy!

Last Friday, I and some teammates decided to go home after our kids’ events. Mj and her friend Aleks finished their remaining events in the morning, Friday. We went to our hotel right away to wait for the others. It was I guess already 3 in the afternoon that they finished. One Dad went to the Bus Terminal right away to hire a Van. When they arrived, we talked first where would be our route, the driver said his route is Via Gen San and we will pass through Parang. However, some said that passing by Parang to Cotabato would be a bit dangerous especially we have teenagers with us and since we apparently will arrive there at dawn so we better get the longer route. From Pagadian to Cagayan was smooth sailing, I mean the travel was so light, it doesn’t have traffic and you could even sleep. There are only few mishaps, like the driver didn’t know the bus stop where we could get another van going to Davao. And to the fact that we were lost already, the driver has to go back after we ask for direction so we could stop at the terminal.

It is not good to travel at night when you will reach Buda, it is just so foggy, especially in Marahan, if you are not used to the place you must stop otherwise you will fall into the cliff. It feels like zero visibility already, I could not see anything but all white because of the fog. I slept a little, good thing my friend woke up and was able to talk to the driver, she noticed that the driver is already sleepy, for Christ sake, it was 2 in the morning who could not fall into sleep. After a while, the driver stops to have some coffee. Geez I wanted to sleep since I have to attend Family Day of my youngest daughter at school when I arrive home. After 3o minutes, the driver just went on, I fell asleep but I heard my friend said “Just tell us, if you need to stop, we can’t see anything”. I opened my eyes, I was just behind the driver, and my friend who sat beside me fell asleep, the whole time with zero visibility I tried to be awake and talked to the driver. I could only see the white lines on the street, just one or two and then some were erased. But the driver seems memorized the road because he knows where to turn right or where to turn left. Sometimes he would overtake the truck in front of us, with all the fogs around. I almost told him if we can just follow the truck but of course I could not say anything, I guess he just knew the road; otherwise he will not put himself to risk or us.

When there was no fog at all, when the road is clear that was the time that I laid my head to the back seat. This time, finally I could sleep but after like 30 minutes, my friend woke me up, we were already within the vicinity of Davao. We were the first one to drop, so I have to wake up, I have to wake up so I can sleep back at home. We arrived in Davao safe and sound! Thank GOD!

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