Fiesta Here On Saturday

Today, I realized that our village will have its annual fiesta on Saturday. The club house is asking for solicitation so I gave about P110.00, they would use the money for some events and games and the mass as well. This is the first Fiesta here in our village but we were not able to prepare some foods in the table, we just spent our money in Pagadian and I don’t have anything left because I need to pay the money that I loaned from our friend the other week before I went to Pagadian. It was used to pay the house. Geez and I am busy too, the DACS is approaching and Mj needs to get ready for it. Maybe next year when the time is right and when things put into places, maybe just maybe we can prepare foods in the table during Fiesta.

What is Fiesta? A Fiesta is a celebration of a Patron or Saint in the village or in town. It can be define as religious festival, a holiday or carnival. Fiesta is also originated during Spanish Era in the year 1924 at Santa Barbara; first off they were motivated to have a summer event to attract more people for their business. But this was not successful until in August of 1924, the Community Arts Association in Santa Barbara looked forward to re- open the Lobero Theatre. The theatre has not been used for so many years. The Community Arts purchased the building in the year 1922 and started renovating the building under the Spanish- California Architectural. George Washington Smith is the one who plans the remodeling of the theatre. The Director of the CAA, Hamilton McFadden called out for a meeting in the celebration of the grand opening of the theatre. The association and committee planned to have activities during the opening of the theatre, a parade, rodeo, family activities, aquatic and of course the grand celebration of the theatre including the Spanish dancing in the opening night. The Mayor Charles Andrea, declared fiesta week and later known as Old Spanish Days, which means to say the spirit of the old Santa Barbara shall be lived again and again, as the residents celebrate Fiesta on that week and shall give way to the traditions and founders of the city.

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