What Is Sky Marshal?

My niece who is an IT major was able to download a movie online entitled “Non-Stop”, he is a sky marshal at that movie trying to protect all the passengers on board from a possible terrorist on the plane. Sky Marshal, that profession taunted in my mind, I mean so there is a profession like that in the plane, not only stewardess and Pilot on board on the plane but also there is a sky marshal who would protect when threats comes out. Sky Marshall won’t come out in the open; they will just hide as one of the passengers on the plane. You cannot tell them that they are a Sky Marshall. Sky Marshals are an undercover agent who would counter possible hijacking in the plane. El Al is one of the airlines that would provide Air Marshal. I am not sure though if commercial planes in the Philippines would provide Air Marshall or airlines from Philippines to abroad, although husband said he would like to think that Delta Airline has them.

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