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5 Words Of Foreign Language That They Might Misunderstood

So you are on a trip in a Foreign land, you don’t know the streets, roads and etc, to make it worst no matter how you are fluent with your English sometimes they have another meaning of it.

Embarazada, which you meant to say embarrassed, you have to be careful of this Spanish word  because just a slip of mistake and the word will lead not being embarrassed but they will refer it to you are pregnant.

Anos- is a Spanish word, it seems easy to say but ooopss one little wrong accent can be a disaster because anos will become anus. Anos means a year in Spanish.

Maa- A Chinese word meaning mother but pronunciation can make a world of difference because it can mean horse, hemp or abuse.

Scheinwerfer and Schweinwerfer – They might sounds similar but oh no they are because one would lead to another if you pronounce it wrong you see scheinwerfer means car headlights and Schweinwerfer means a pig. Both are German word.

Penne and Pene- This is a famous pasta in Italy you might want to try this when you are in a Trattoria however be aware that when you say and meant Penne pasta, the correct pronunciation is Pen-ne and the word pene is penis most unlikely to order when you meant pasta.

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