Philippines Targets For More Visitors

Even though with some countries banning Philippines to visit to, our Government is still not losing hope and even target for more high spending tourists. According to Mr. Domingo Ramon Enerio, the Tourism Promotion Board Chief operating officer, although our numbers is low than of Malaysia but we must also want to consider the intra-Asean visitors into account.

It could be too hard to follow the lead, which is Malaysia as tourists reported as about 25 million, followed by Thailand as about 22.4 million, then Singapore of 14.5 million, Philippines maybe at the very least which is 4.3 million tourists. We are working so hard to attract tourists, tourists with high spending, tourists that would stay not only for 3 days but weeks to months. In this year, it is noted that tourists spent some 2.5 billions here in our county. Our government is aiming to offer more tourist spots and attractions, they aim also to offer travel packages like airfare packed with hotel accommodations and spots to visit to.

The tourism in our country don’t just die, because it would continue to live and will give more fun to the people and around the world.

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