Signs That You You Have To Move Out Of The City

If before many opportunities are coming your way in the city but not now anymore. Yes you have work and your salary is bigger than of the province however if traffic jam is giving you stress. Then you have to think now. It is indeed frustrating to just get bored in the city, especially when your daily routine is work and home, oh well how can you unwind at night when you don’t feel safe anymore plus the floods when it rains. You have no energy at all to travel back and forth because of the stress caused by long travels. City has everything but it is already difficult to catch with the cost of living, yes you have bigger salary than what you have in the province but if you can’t eat 3x a day and if you do, you don’t feel like enjoying it, you really have to think now of moving out. On the other hand, as I mentioned there are already opportunities that you don’t expect in Visayas and Mindanao especially in Cebu and now in Pampanga. So I am sure you can find work now outside the Capital, which is Manila.

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