The Breaks Tight

Last Thursday, our mechanic sent the car to the house but when I started to drive it along downtown; I can sense that the break is so tight that the car was hard to move. So instead of the usual gear which 4th or 5th I lowered it to 2nd gear so we can move a little until we get to the hotel where Mj had her training. I asked the guard if I can leave the car inside their area and will just send the mechanic the next day. It was just right to leave the car in a place where there is guard around, I mean my friend had the same situation but with her she left the car on the side of the road near LTO. The next morning, there were police gathered suspecting the car carrying an explosive bomb. Good thing that they were able to trace the agency that takes care of the renewal of the license of the car and they were able to find the cellphone number of my friend. They contacted my friend, my friend told them that her car was broke and a mechanic will come to get it.

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