Deductions That Pop Up In Our Payslip

Yesterday, I posted about how to get or apply to become a member for SSS and the benefit that you can get from the agency. Today, I will be posting another government insurance I am referring to other than PAG-IBIG insurance. This is one of the other things that usually popped up in your pay slip. So what Pag-ibig does to us? It is a national savings for us to have the chance to grab the offer of having an affordable shelter. Their aim is to improve the quality of life for all Filipino. Having a house of our own is one benefit that we can get from them, we can also have a short term loans such as calamity and multi-purpose loans.

To become a member, is you should be employed. It is a mandatory membership for private sector, employees, workers, professionals, officials and companies. OFW is also required to be part of Pag-Ibig.

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