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Establishments and Malls are Creepy

It is almost Halloween and I can see some malls or establishment puts up some creepy decorations. Even the bank that I went to recently, it was just last Monday that they started putting up some decorations, all I really though is that it is not that attention seeker at all, it is just simple as long as they can put up some creepy things around and that’s it. Aside from it is already Monday that time and it is like how many days to go it is already Halloween they could not enjoy it anymore because after the Halloween they will took it down again. If they would put effort to it, they could only enjoy it for one week right?

But when I went there last Wednesday to deposit some funds so I can connect it to PayPal, I was stunned, they really exert an effort to those decorations and near the counter, they put scary skeleton and the webs are just amazing! I took a picture of it and I will post it next week, (my schedule for putting some pictures to this blog) On the other hand, tomorrow is the trick or treat of Faith to Kaakbay but I decided not to let her since we don’t have enough budget for the costume, they said I just have to bring her with a Halloween basket, a little costume but I doubt it if I won’t spend some money for it. Oh well better luck next time, as what Star Gazer said don’t spend for those things unnecessary.

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