Park Chow In San Francisco

This time when I would like to run and hide from any issues and problems, I’d like to go to a surreal place, with many flowers that blooms; I would like to be in a place where away from where we live in now. I’d like to travel out of the country and one thing in my mind is San Francisco, or anywhere in the states where I could meet some of my friends who are living there already with their husbands. Do you know that I almost believe that I can go in the States because of my husband but I was wrong, he was not able to bring us there? Anyway if I can visit San Francisco since I would like to eat I like to try some restaurants there Park Chow in the Sunset District perhaps. I have read it in a Magazine that this restaurant offers traditional American food. Uhmmm it is the best since I haven’t try eating traditional American food, I wonder how it would taste like. It is a cool place to dine especially when you are with your kids. The place must have classy charm that everyone would like to visits. I’d like to relax and be laid back, I don’t like to be in a rush so I prefer to more talking and eating slowly in this restaurant. Who would like to come with me? Oh yeah, wishful thinking.

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